wedding: hope & tyler

It feels like forever ago when we were doing engagement pictures. Thank you to Hope and Tyler for booking me back when I was a lil fledgling photographer who was very new to this whole business. Trust like this is what helps creatives like me move forward in the world. Thank you.

summer portraits

In addition to senior pictures, I got to do a lot of fun portrait sessions this summer. I love the energy and personality that comes out of portrait sessions because they’re always different, every time. Below are some of the highlights from the last few months.

Branding & Authenticity – Can You Have Both?

Hiring someone to create your social media content – is that allowed? Does that discredit you as a person? Does it make your account “fake”? The first thing I do when I get a new client for social media is write their branding document. Without this, everything else would fall apart. A branding document outlinesContinue reading “Branding & Authenticity – Can You Have Both?”

b&w museums and my failures with film

The first time I ever used black and white film, I was at the Portland Art Museum using my Olympus 30 RC point & shoot camera. This camera was the absolute bane of my existence. I got it for $15 at a garage sale, and I could not figure out how to focus the thing.Continue reading “b&w museums and my failures with film”