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Essentially, I exist to read books. Sometimes I’ll write a book just to mix things up, but mostly I am here for reading. Everything I do comes down to this one essential truth.

In reading lots of books, I have come to adore the creators of such things. I love supporting authors in any way possible. When I found out that I could get a career that would not only involve me in interacting with books every day but also would allow me to work with all kinds of authors, I was ecstatic. And thus I ended up in my current program, working my way towards my MA in book publishing.

I got my BA in English with a writing focus and minor in humanities from Western Oregon University. After that, I went straight into the graduate program for book publishing at Portland State. Throughout this program, I’ve taken a variety of professional-level courses on editing, marketing, design, and writing. I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to work in Ooligan Press, a student-run indie press that publishes local and regional Pacific Northwest books. Most of my hands-on experience with editing and marketing come from projects I’ve worked on at the press. Currently, I am the social media manager for Ooligan, which has given me a variety of experience within managing a company’s brand and social media platforms.

In addition to books, photography is a new passion for me. Not surprisingly, one of the first things I did when I started learning how to take pictures was how to use this in my book-focused career. I started a bookstagram from ground zero and got up to a thousand followers within a few months before I had to take a break. Recently, I jumped back into this with the hopes that I can create and maintain a strong portfolio exemplifying my product photography skills. You can see all my bookish pictures as well as an example of branding I’ve done here.

I’ve used photography for many other things since then, but my hope is still to use this as much as I can with books and authors. I’ve shot book conferences and taken author headshots. And, of course, I love setting up displays of books and taking quality pictures of those. I love doing a variety of other photography, like weddings, engagements, and friend shoots, so feel free to contact me for any inquiries about those.

Besides all this, I love hiking (who doesn’t in the PNW?), biking, exploring, playing viola, and drinking tea. I love doing projects with other people, so if you have something creative you want to collaborate on, send me an email at srverville@gmail.com.

If you want to know anything more about me, I sometimes write blogs, found on my thoughts & things page.

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