authors & creatives: welcome.

Welcome to my small corner of the internet.

In this particular corner, I offer a variety of services: social media, branding, publicity, all forms of editing, ghostwriting, and photography. I also have experience in acquisitions work and would love to work as an assistant agent for an agency.

My qualifications for these skills come from a variety of sources. Currently, I am obtaining my MA in book publishing from Portland State University. I have a BA in English with a focus on writing as well as a minor in humanities. I’m the current social media manager for Ooligan Press, and I have done a variety of freelance social media work for authors around the US. For photography, my portfolio speaks more to my skills than any description can.

For more specifics on my experiences and my background, read about me here.

What all this comes down to is one simple thing: I love books, and I love photography. I love any project that uses some combination of these elements. If you want to connect and start something creative, contact me anytime at

Besides this, my content is here for you to consume. Please enjoy this corner of the internet.